Delaware Amends Data Breach Notification Law


Delaware recently amended its data breach notification laws through House Bill 180, which now expands the definition of breach and personal information. It is now among 14 states to impose explicit data security obligations on businesses. While revisions to the law are in some ways more stringent, they are also more balanced by including a risk of harm requirement.

Under the amended law, which will go into effect on April 14, 2018, the definition of breach has been expanded to include not only unauthorized acquisition, but also disclosure of electronic or paper files, media, databases or other data.  The law also broadens the scope of personal information to include user name or email address, in combination with a password or security question, and answer medical information, and unique biometric data.

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Fact Sheet: NYDFS Cyber Regulations


The New York Department of Financial Services’ Cyber Requirements for Financial Services Companies, 23 NYCRR 500 (“Cyber Regulations”) went into effect on March 1, 2017. The Cyber Regulations are intended to require financial companies to assess their internal cybersecurity risks and develop a cybersecurity program to protect customer information and their IT systems, as well as respond, recover, and report cyber threats. The Cyber Regulations establish a comprehensive set of proactive cybersecurity standards for companies to follow, involving everything from appointing a designated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to submitting an annual compliance notice, and conducting penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

Here is an overview of some key terms, requirements and deadlines under these new regulations.

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